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DJ Kurty is a American techno and house producer and DJ. He runs the Deeply Rooted label, formerly Deeply Rooted House.


An International Producer & DJ.



KURTY a former pro soccer player played for many years and became  a force on the pitch.  she felt a passion for  about as I did with soccer. Music was the easy choice.  I started toying around with the idea in 2001 and I took a few courses in LA then moved to San Diego.  About a year later, I found Antonio Aguilera who owns Global BPM.  It is a DJ school and recording studio. I took a bunch of his classes and after about six months, he asked me to come on board as a Global BPM artist.

From there, she started reaching out to various clubs in San Diego to DJ their open nights. I was also in the LGBTQ community and reached out to a bunch of different clubs including Richs Nightclub.  KURTY has played almost every club in San Diego, from downtown to North Park to Hillcrest, then expanded to LA and Palm Springs and up the west coast.  Boasting an opening DJ for some bands and acts including DNCE, Andy Butler, Luciana and Pepper Mashay.  Booked exclusively for many corporate events for Facebook, Microsoft, Adidas, Nike, Crossfit, and HRC. 


Kurty now produces music with a few other DJ producers including Antonio Aguilera.  KURTY is part of a duo is called Jack N Queen and has plans to have a bunch of new tracks out by the summer of 2024.

DIRTY KURTY, Former Pro Soccer Player, Turned DJ.

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